The Earp Family- Beaufort, SC { Eastern NC Family Photographer}
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Monday, November 10, 2014
By Meredith

As those who know me and follow my blog, and facebook, knows that my husband is currently stationed at Parris Island, SC. What a lot of you don't know is that a friend from my childhood school years ended up stationed there as well! Well, her husband that is :)

This place was my first time away from home, so you can imagine that I felt lonely and out of place. When Danielle and her family moved to Beaufort, it was like having a slice of home with me!

We started off reminiscing about people, family, things about home that we missed...then we grew in our relationship with God and got involved at church...supported our husbands together, and still do...Lord knows I wouldn't have made it very long in adapting to a new place without the Earp family! We have had some crazy adventures (even in lil ole Beaufort, SC) and grown so much since being here. 

As our time comes to a close here on Parris Island, I know there will be a lot that I will miss and things I won't miss so much (ya'll DI wives know what I'm talking about)...but I will always remember my dearest friends, The Earp family...Bill, Danielle & Natalie. I know that whenever we all leave this place, our paths will cross again, and so it was my absolute pleasure to capture this beautiful the here and now...just as they are...I'll always treasure these portraits...memories...just as much as they will! 


***Enjoy these images, but please do not screenshot the images and post to social media. They will be on facebook soon and will be available for your sharing & tagging pleasure. In the mean time, please share, share, share this blog post! Many Thanks :)

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Patricia Earp - Love the photos I hope you ordered me some such a lovely family