Cathy & Greg are Hitched { Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer }
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Tuesday, October 01, 2013
By Meredith

So, I am not always the best at writing these sometimes sappy and sentimental posts...especially after reading Cathy's (also a photographer and social media queen) invitations, RSVP's, Program (AKA: Wedding Survival Guide-photo to come) & OH so cute cookbook about a super silly and creative writer, haha!

We had a blast celebrating and photographing your special day...and by we, I mean me and the incredible and talented Miss Katelyn McKay Soderland! OH YEAH!

As much as we are excited and want to instantly gratify ourselves and others by staying up super duper late blogging the entire wedding RIIIIIGHT NOW (***Breathe***)...we are giving you just a SNEAK! (We're still recovering from the wedding, haha)

Enjoy these from Paris (picture me saying Pareee) ooooo, we-we ;)

Much Love from,

Meredith & Katelyn

(First and Third from Meredith Hart and 2nd from Katelyn McKay)


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Kylie - Beautiful pics! Congrats again guys :)